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12 Sep 2013 

Xbox games

Action Adventure Game by Ubisoft: Watch Dogs

In news lately for its
famous developers, Xbox games which is campaigned publicly as
stylised WATCH_DOGS is an upcoming stealth video game with the concept of open
world action adventure. The game has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is
one of the most anticipated games of the year with the gaming console support
for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, XBox 360, Wii U and XBox One.

The game focuses on the
ability of a player to hack into different electronic systems and operating
devices for both obtaining and dictating information and for destroying devices
completely. The game was first introduced in Ubisoft’s press conference at E3

The game premise of Watch Dogs

Watch dogs is an action
adventure game. The players control a vigilante by the name of Aiden Pearce who
is voiced by Noam Jenkins. Aiden can hack into different electronic devices
which are tied to the central operating system of the city. This gives players
to solve a number of numerous objectives such as retrieving bank data and
stealing funds by hacking in people’s phones, triggering discrepancies in the
equipments for distracting others and hacking traffic lights to cause collisions.
The gaming environment has some superior graphics and intense detailing.

The players will also
be able to collate information of civilians via reality feeds which are
augmented. This will give the player the demographics, potential behaviour and
health status of the individual.

The objectives help in
determining specific targets to eliminate, eloping the police and safeguarding
the potential victims. The combat integrates stealth components and mechanics
of a cover based third person shooter. The game also has an elusive multiplayer
element. The demo version of the game received positive reception from critics.
It was stated to have next gen graphics and unique gameplay.

Visit for more details

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12 Sep 2013 

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

of Duty: Ghosts: The All New Dimension of Gaming

Call of Duty is back with its tenth
instalment of franchise, Ghosts. The all new version is the first person
shooting video gaming series developed by Infinity Ward. The game is all set to
be released on 5th November, 2013 for Windows, Wii U, Xbox 360 and
PlayStation3. It will be published in Japan on 14th November, 2013
by Square Enix.

prominent features of the game:

will be an enhanced multiplayer platform

The behind the scenes video released by
the crew of Call of Duty reveal that the multiplayer platform will not be like
the previous versions of the franchise. New and improved mechanics have been
added to the multiplayer. The maps feature areas which can be altered as well
as destroyed. Certain areas have maps which have a nuclear kill streak which
can be used for killing the top challengers of a game on the opposite team. The
sniper rifles are new and improved providing more realistic sniping effect to
the gamer.

premise of the game     

This version of Call of Duty: Ghosts,
takes place in the near future scenario after bombardment from space which
shifts the global power balance in the world. This leads to the United States
of America losing its superpower status and being ruined to rural ruins. Only
some areas of the mainland have still remained powerful.

After a span of ten years, a powerful conqueror
from south of equator rises as a threat to the Americans. The United States takes
immediate decision by forming special operation forces which collaborate from
every branch. This elite group of soldiers are referred to as Ghosts. They are
dedicated to eliminate all the threats to the sovereignty of the remnants of

With the new rich multiplayer version
and the powerful political storyline, the gamers are excited about the Call of
Duty: Ghosts. With the right kind of publicity and the brand imaging, it is no
wonder that the game would be another success for Activision.

Visit the Call of Duty:
official Website 

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